Qualities of “queerness,” or what one might call “identity,” is a winding course. In my work, attempts to look for an inward “queerness” has found the lens to project outward. There is a fine line between me and we, so little in fact that the personal will undoubtedly volte-face back to the world. This contradiction in “identity,” as presented through art and life, shapes the complex and elegant forms of my work. Objects in the external world of public restrooms, city streets and parks, provide for the subtext of distinct themes in their “queerness.”

Yet for all the qualities of an object maker,-- my obsession with material and a skilled hand-- the manner in which I create requires more than that hand. I must engage in collecting and interpreting the intimacies of anthropological, sociological, cultural and personal queer histories. The task at hand is then to uncloak the noncommunicability of meaning behind these things into understandable and potent imagery.